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web development

Web-based solutions give flexibility to daily work and increase productivity in a safe and reliable framework. They are also the image that the customer sees of the company and, in many cases, the source of the profits. That is why we offer solutions tailored to each of our clients, and using the latest technology in the market.

e-commerce sites

In a constantly growing market, opening the company to Internet commerce can be an advantage over our competitors, help us attract new customers and thus increase our profits. That is why we use platforms with integration to the best known APIs in the market (such as PayPal or MercadoPago) to help you grow your business.

mobile apps

With the Internet at our fingertips, the use of mobile applications has expanded rapidly. Whether to consult an accounting statement, find information, make use of a contracted service, or simply buy something, mobile applications are increasingly popular, safe and reliable, and directly help improve our business.

Cloud computing

The flexibility of the Internet has given rise to new ways of working, rethinking the infrastructure and the way we use and protect our systems and daily work. We believe that cloud technologies are the way to meet these needs, allowing the company to focus directly on how to do the job and improve productivity.


The DevOps culture is revolutionizing the way we offer software and services to our customers, not only improving the quality of the final product, but also reducing costs. That is why we apply this culture in our development processes, and in turn, we offer our clients the necessary advice to apply this culture in their own production processes.

consulting services

The constant growth of information technologies allows companies to offer new solutions all the time in an increasingly flexible way. We are in constant training to be able to offer our clients the best advice so that they can solve their problems effectively, in the shortest time. If your company has a new challenge and needs help, contact us!

about us

Emerged as an initiative of a group of friends, Maple became a startup with own projects and custom developments. Currently located in Santa Fe, it stands out for understanding customer needs and achieving quality, safe and elegant products, but above all functional ones.

R. G. Koch

DevOps & Developer

A Systems Information Engineer with a solid background in free software, systems administration, infrastructure, cloud computing and databases.
Today, after 12 years of experience, he has focused on the DevOps culture, Cloud Datacenters, Infrastructure and Software as a Service (IaaS & SaaS).
Also, he actively collaborates in development projects, with technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, WordPress and Symfony.

J. A. Bolaño

Web & Mobile Developer

He is an Information Systems Engineer, with more than 8 years of experience as freelancer and also working in different companies.
Previously he worked as sysadmin and help desk coordinator, but now he is mainly focused in web development using Django, .NET and PHP frameworks (Symfony, Cake and Laravel), and in mobile apps development with Ionic and React Native. Currently improving his skills in Angular, Flutter and AWS.

R. Frutos

App developer

He is a systems engineer with several years of experience.
He started to work as a freelancer developing with Django framework. He worked as a SysAdmin and also as a developer using the CakePhp framework.
Now he develops web and mobile apps with CakePhp, Django, Ionic, React Native and Kotlin.
At the same time he is learning different modern languages to improve his skills.

P. Cettour


He is an Information Systems Engineer, mainly focused in web development using Python (Django) with HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery, but also PHP frameworks like Symfony and Laravel, with more than 8 years of experience.
Currently enhancing his abilities in Angular 9, Typescript, Express (Node.js) and AWS.
In his free time he studies about Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

D. Cettour

IT Analyst & Developer

He is a systems analyst with 12 years of experience in IT, systems administration and infrastructure. He recently started to work as a freelancer aquiring solid knowledge in PHP, JAVA and Phyton. He is looking forward to improving his knowledge in the use of frameworks such as CakePHP, Symfony and Django.

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